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The Prophet’s Song - Queen

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Don’t worry, give it 20 years …

I was at work today, sporting my new Led Zeppelin tshirt and at one point during the day I had to receive a shipment of parts coming in for our company to process. And as I was helping lift the cases off the truck the driver noticed my tshirt and complimented me and said the following.

“I really like your shirt. Do you listen to a lot of the classics?”

"Yes I do." I replied. "In fact I was just wearing my Pink Floyd shirt yesterday."

The guy was nice enough and clearly lived through the 70’s so I was enjoying the conversation. Until he told me that he was a country music fan as well. He then asked me if I listen to country too. I told him that I do not. I told him that I am heavily into death metal. (Which is true. I love my death metal.) He then proceeded to say,

"Well when you get to be my age you may just start listening to country music. I didn’t like country music in the beginning but just give it 20 years, you’ll see."

In my head my response was ‘ugh please, put a gun in my mouth.’ And no offense to people who do listen to country music but I find it hard to believe that I will ever start listening to country music and actually like it.

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